Alcohol Addiction, Rehab & Treatment

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Most people in UK like to have a drink and see nothing wrong with it. It is a part of being social, a way to relax and it is no cause for concern. However, the sad fact is, for a large percentage of the population, alcohol can be a problem. If a person drinks too much, it can have a devastating impact on various aspects of their life. It can have an affect their health, job and personal or professional relationships. How does a person know if their drinking has crossed the line from ordinary, everyday levels to becoming an addiction.

If you, or someone you know, are concerned they may have a drinking problem and require treatment, then Addiction Rehabilitation can help you overcome dependency and put alcohol abuse behind you for good. Are you afraid you may drink to excess and have an addiction, there are various signs to look out for. These may be indicators you may have a substance use disorder which could lead you to get some help.

For instance, do you drink for longer than you intended to and find it hard to stop once you’ve started? Do you crave alcohol when you do not drink and find it harder to recover, such as experiencing hangover? Another indication you may have an addiction to alcohol is where you may have drunk so much that you cannot remember what you did the night before, sometimes referred to as a blackout. If you are displaying any of these signs, amongst many others, then it may meet the criteria that addiction is present, requiring alcohol detox.
Addiction Rehabilitation employs the latest techniques to help those in the throes of alcoholism get their drinking under control or quit altogether. You can benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise by choosing to undergo alcohol detox at your local alcohol detox centre. The perfect location to experience the leading medical care as you begin rehabilitation in peace and isolation, where you will be under the care of our excellent staff.

You can be certain our highly skilled medical professionals, doctors, psychiatrists and nurses, who will deliver the support and guidance you need to complete your alcohol detox. Our expert team of medical professionals will have you under constant observation in the event of an emergency. They will monitor you as you stop drinking alcohol and will prescribe the proper medication to treat the symptoms of withdrawal you will experience during detox. Doctors could administer anti-nausea medication or antidepressants and can stabilise you if necessary. This is all part of your alcohol rehab therapy, which has been specifically tailored to your needs.

When treating alcohol addiction, you may need more than willpower, but a solution dealing with the mental, as well as the physical characteristics of alcoholism. During your stay at our residential rehab centre, you will attend ongoing counselling sessions, both individually and as part of group therapy. Speaking with one of our counsellors, you will identify any possible triggers, pressing concerns or long-standing issues, which may contribute to your issues with alcohol.

We also employ other techniques like cognitive behavioural therapy and 12 step programmes to help you recognise those negative feelings and address them. Addiction Rehabilitation feel, following a successful medical detox, counselling can provide you with the breakthrough to conquer your alcohol addiction for good. So, if you are ready to turn your back on the bottle and make a fresh start, then get in touch with Addiction Rehabilitation. It could change your life.