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Self Help

If you have made a commitment to give up drugs and alcohol it can be an intimidating, if not frightening proposition. However, you don’t have to fight this battle alone. There is a broad spectrum of self-help and support groups out there.

Free Rehab Treatment

For many people considering entering rehab for drug or alcohol addiction, there are many important factors to consider, not least the financial cost of rehab. There are free and low cost options available if you know where to look.

Private Rehab

Millions of people living with drug or alcohol addiction wish to get clean and are looking for the best treatment to suit their needs. If you are resolved to battling your dependency, there are various options open to you.

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment

It is an unfortunate fact that millions of people in the UK are living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol and other addictive substances. A problem which has become almost a mainstay of modern society, and a part of everyday life. For those fighting addiction, it can sometimes feel like no one understands and there’s no way out. However, there is help available.

If you are facing an ongoing battle with dependency and wish to get clean and have decided to turn a corner and eradicate addiction from your life, why not give Addiction
Rehabilitation a call.

We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of drug or alcohol treatment in the UK. Be assured we provide the latest, most comprehensive therapy, offering in-depth guidance and support for those undergoing recovery.

If you are looking for a safe, steady hand during rehab, we will be with you every step of the way. Addiction Rehabilitation will welcome you with open arms when you arrive at one of our residential rehab centres across the UK.

You can benefit from our quick, efficient admission procedure, where our highly trained staff of dedicated medical professionals guarantee the utmost care during detox. Our expert doctors, nurses, counsellors and advisors will utilise their vast knowledge and experience of alcohol or drug rehab services to assist you.

From the moment you arrive at our residential clinic, you will be made to feel at home in idyllic, comfortable surroundings, perfectly conducive to your needs. Addiction Rehabilitation is dedicated to helping you choose the ideal rehab programme tailored to your individual requirements.

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Alcohol Rehab Centers London & UK-Wide

During your stay, our excellent medical team will take a complete medical history and talk you through the rehab procedure, amiliarising you with every step of your treatment. They will observe you closely as you begin what is generally considered the important opening phase of any long-term rehabilitation programme, the medical detox. We will watch over you as, under clinical conditions, you take the first step to recovery by ceasing taking drugs and consuming alcohol. Staff will continue to monitor you as the toxins are gradually flushed from your body. A major leap forward, although leading to inevitable, symptoms of withdrawal. This can be a difficult undertaking, but we can prescribe the relevant medications to ease the pain and discomfort of detox and help you through the process.

In the course of your rehab therapy, AR-UK will see to it you receive the foremost counselling sessions following detoxification. You can speak to our qualified psychiatric advisors and consultants on a regular basis, at a one to one level or working as a group, where you can investigate any underlying psychological problems which may have given rise to your dependency issues. We also have our finger on the pulse of the newest therapies like cognitive behavioural therapy which could be the code to conquering your addiction.

If you require continued assistance when departing our rehab clinic, you could also benefit from an extensive aftercare programme, for ongoing support.

This is an overview of the all-encompassing alcohol and drug rehab therapy you can receive from Addiction Rehabilitation. We have the skills and expertise to treat any type of addiction. So, if you would like to stay at one of our residential centres around the country, please get in touch and speak to an advisor. Take the first step to recovery by calling Addiction Rehabilitation.

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