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There is no question the UK has a major problem with drug addiction, with some saying it has reached epidemic levels. Millions of people across the country have seen substance misuse or substance dependency destroy their lives. Many reach the point where they feel they cannot function, or experience any enjoyment in life, without taking drugs. They may also have become so psychologically and physically dependent that they are afraid to stop, fearing the shock to their system of going through withdrawal.

However, the longer someone keeps taking drugs, the worse the situation gets, ultimately becoming life-threatening. Countless lives have been lost to drug abuse over the years, but if you have succumbed to drug abuse and wish to get clean, don’t give up hope.

If you decide to undergo drug rehab as an inpatient at our excellent residential rehab centres across the UK, you will be under consummate care and attention, while setting off on the course to recovery.

Addiction Rehabilitation has the expertise and resources to show you how to live free of substance abuse before it is too late. We feel the safest course of action to take when wishing to combat drug addiction is not to just stop on your own, commonly known as `going cold turkey`, but to carry out a medical detox, under supervision.

During your stay at our rehab clinic, our highly trained medical staff will monitor you as you undergo detox. Widely considered the first stage of a continual rehabilitation programme where, under observation, you will stop taking drugs and the toxins are cleansed from your system, leading to symptoms of withdrawal. It is generally an unpleasant, difficult process but our excellent doctors and nursing team will help you through it. We can keep a close eye on your condition, noting any change and stabilising you if need be. Our expert staff will also administer any medication you require to overcome the side effects of withdrawal until you have completed detoxification.

It is customary for those in recovery to be given a substitute drug to wean them off the substance they are addicted to. If you are batting heroin addiction, you may take methadone or opioids like buprenorphine/naloxone which have similar properties but are not as intense. It is also not uncommon to prescribe antidepressants to individuals either going through withdrawal or suffering from post-acute withdrawal syndrome.

Once you have completed a drug detoxification you are ready to move on to the next stage of our recovery, examining the mental facets of drug addiction. In the course of your treatment, you can benefit from a combination of rehab therapies, both individually and as part of a group. Allowing you through counselling, to address any underlying or pressing issues which may have triggered or added to your dependency, as well as discussing steps you can take to overcome your addiction. We also utilise the latest holistic and behavioural therapies, as well as an in-depth aftercare programme, to help you remain free of drug abuse and prevent relapse.

These are just a few of the ways Addiction Rehabilitation can assist people with a dependency conquer their drug addiction and start a new life. We can help you get free and clear of drugs if you contact our residential rehab centre in your area. If you are looking for help, then give us a call.

In many cases, if you are worried about your drug or alcohol intake or the effect it may be having on your health, you could make an appointment with your doctor. He or she will provide a thorough examination, where you can talk about your problems. Your doctor can also help you decide on the right addiction treatment for you, from offering care and advice at the medical practice to referring you to a drug or alcohol rehab.


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