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Have you seen your world torn apart by dependency? Does it feel as if drugs and alcohol have taken over your life and there is no way out? Don’t give up hope, help is at hand. If you, or someone close to you, is concerned you may be drinking or using drugs too much and need help, there are various options open to you. There are many different possibilities when looking for the right support and Addiction Rehab UK are here every to provide addiction help every step of the way.

GP & Local Services

In many cases, if you are worried about your drug or alcohol intake or the effect it may be having on your health, you could make an appointment with your doctor. He or she will provide a thorough examination, where you can talk about your problems. Your doctor can also help you decide on the right addiction treatment for you, from offering care and advice at the medical practice to referring you to a drug or alcohol rehab.

Our Addiction Help Service

If you are reluctant to go to your doctor if you are uncomfortable talking about drug or alcohol addiction issues, then you may wish to contact treatment services in your area directly. Wherever you may be based in the UK, you can find a local service offering support and assistance for those struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction. Addiction Rehab UK will provide you with the right help and advice and can put you in touch with a selection of services suited to your needs and preference.

For many going through addiction, the first step is admitting there is a problem to begin with. You may require access to drug or alcohol support unexpectedly or in a hurry, or, if someone close to you has decided to enter rehab at the last minute, you can arrange for a same-day rehab admittance where you can get addiction help and begin your recovery at once. Addiction Rehab UK will help you arrange this.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the decision may be out of your hands, as an emergency may arise where you may need help right away. If someone is living with an acute addiction that has got out of control, or they are the victim of an overdose, requiring immediate medical attention, then hospital admittance would be required or a bed in a rehab residential centre on the same day which could save your life.

Different Types Of Addiction Treatments

There are many different types of drug or alcohol addiction treatments available, from detox, structured therapy, to individual and group counselling and family support. Most involve rehabilitation programmes in residential clinics, administering medication to ease and take the edge off withdrawal symptoms and offer support for the friends and family of people in recovery. If you choose to receive treatment at a residential centre, many of the staff who will be treating you will have personal experience of dependency. Therefore, in many cases, when you check into rehab, you will be cared for by people who have struggled with addiction and understand exactly what you are going through as they have lived through it themselves.

Drug and Alcohol Support Groups

Many people with an addiction choose to attend a support group made up of recovering addicts who are willing to talk about their experiences and share their stories to help other people fighting addiction. Many undergoing treatment for drug or alcohol abuse find comfort and support from listening to recovering addicts recount their own personal battles, through meetings, talks or testimonials. It can remind you that you are not alone and that many people have overcome dependency and rebuilt their lives.

Among the most illustrious peer support groups is Alcoholics Anonymous, otherwise referred to as AA. A world-renowned non-profit organisation whose members are driven by their desire to maintain sobriety. They can achieve this by discussing their issues with alcohol addiction and followings the illustrious 12-step programme, in a discreet secure environment.

SMART Recovery is another volunteer-based support group, dedicated to providing addiction help to members to alter their thought and behaviour process concerning alcohol, as well as championing the use of cognitive behavioural therapy in the treatment of addiction.

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If you are battling a dependency on drugs or alcohol and would like to get addiction help, then there are many different avenues available. If you are looking for the proper support network, wish to speak to someone who has overcome addiction or organise a bed at a rehab centre, Addiction Rehab UK will provide you with all the advice and information you need. Get in touch with us today at [email protected] or call us on  0800 0096695  Addiction help is only one step away from helping you regain control of your life!


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