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Private Rehab Treatment

Private Rehab Treatment

Millions of people living with drug or alcohol addiction wish to get clean and are looking for the best treatment to suit their needs. If you are resolved to battling your dependency, there are various options open to you. However, as it can often be difficult to receive public funding and there can be a long waiting list, which is why many choose paid acute treatment, while others simply prefer private care when undergoing rehab therapy.

If you can attend, there are many private rehab centres across the UK, required to adhere to the governing body called the Care Quality Commission, or the CQC. Those deciding to enter private rehab will experience extensive care and support while staying as an inpatient at a residential centre. Although in certain instances, you may be treated as an outpatient, where you may attend the clinic during the day and then go home at night.

Inpatient Private Rehab Treatment

By choosing private care as an inpatient, you can relocate yourself to invariably an idyllic, comfortable, often luxurious residential area, in warm friendly, surroundings conducive to receiving the best care. Allowing you to get away from it all, free from any distractions or temptations, where you can concentrate on conquering your addiction.

The treatment may be financed by you; the patient, by private healthcare insurance, friends or loved ones, or in some cases, an employer may pay for private rehab, amongst other possibilities. You should be aware not all private rehab therapies cost the same, depending on various factors, from the intensity of your condition, the resources available at the residential centre, to the specific treatment they provide and so on.

One of the main reasons people choose private rehab is so that the treatment can begin right way, rather than having to wait for in some cases for months for treatment to commence. Most rehab therapies can last between six weeks to two months, depending on the severity of your addiction and other considerations. In that time,

You will be cared for by the medical professionals on staff. They will oversee your medical detox, where they will make you as comfortable as possible. The doctors and nurses on call will administer the medication to help ease withdrawal and watch for any change in your condition.

Along with undergoing detox, you will concentrate on the psychological as well as the physical side of treatment, by going to regular therapy sessions. You can speak to an advisor throughout your stay, either individually or as part of a group, where you can discuss any possible deep-rooted problems or triggers which may be at the heart of your addiction.

Addiction Counselling

Counselling can help you recognise the negative thoughts or feelings, as well as addressing any issues which may be driving you to use addictive substances. These may stem from traumas from the past or difficulties you may be going through now, be it money worries or work or relationship problems. But by investigating what may be making you drink alcohol or take drugs with a counsellor; you could find the key to living free of dependency.

Drug & Alcohol Home Detox

Undergoing detox and attending long term counselling are milestones of ongoing rehabilitation programmes. However, on the other hand, many people may decide against attending a private rehab altogether and may choose to simply detox at home. Some may prefer the comfort and security of their own home when proceeding with detox, especially when accompanied by friends and loved ones.

The fact remains, choosing detoxing at home can be a tricky proposition. You shall require the assistance of a helper, or a support group, who will keep an eye on you during the detox. It is imperative that you are not left on your own while going through withdrawal, and you should consult with a doctor before even attempting detox

Get Professional Help

It is not recommended to stop taking drugs or alcohol all at once, or, as it is commonly referred to, going cold turkey, as it can be a potentially dangerous shock to the system. Many would advise against proceeding with detox at home, without the assistance of a medical professional, who can help you deal with the potentially hazardous side effects.

This is partly why it is felt if you are ready to battle your drug or alcohol addiction, you should arrange to stay at a residential rehab centre. Many believe your chances of success may be greatly enhanced by choosing a paid acute treatment at a private clinic. A decision that could change your life forever.


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